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Increasing ROI by Keeping Target Audiences on Track Throughout the Decision Making Journey

Why the Gonzberg Agency?

The short answer: tons of experience, both digital and legacy — including the management experience to run the disparate teams of talent needed to succeed in integrated marketing.

Nothing willy-nilly. Just better results through proper planning, production, and execution by seasoned professionals who understand how to keep prospects engaged throughout the customer journey.

Will it Fly?®

You have a great business, you have news, and you just hatched a great idea for how to generate some real press. But, considering that journalists must sift through hundreds of pitches a day, have you covered all the bases to make sure your idea gets the attention it deserves?

The following is a best practices checklist that will help you determine the chances of your news getting picked out of a journalist's daily pile.

(You should also develop a comprehensive plan, an online pressroom, a media list, a relevant editorial calendar, a press kit, and a press release.)

Section Objective: To ensure you determine the best methods for distributing a media pitch according to best practices.

Have you determined the methods by which each of your contacts prefers receiving pitches?

If you have not nailed down a contact preference for each of your journalists, have you made sure to focus on email as the primary means of contacting them?

Besides not pitching journalists by phone (unless urgency is required), to avoid coming across as a stalker, are you making sure that you only follow up by email once?

Educational Brief for Methods of Contact

Section Objective: To ensure you have configured a media pitch according to best practices.

Since reporters typically get 200+ pitches per day, have you made sure your media pitch is truly unique?

Is the pitch in plain text format only, with no attachments or graphics embedded?

Have you made sure the pitch is not more than two to three paragraphs long?

Have you designed it to pique the media contact/reporter's interest?

Does the pitch address the reporter as "Dear Mr./Ms. XX" or "Hi [First Name]" depending on the formality/informa