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24/7 Local, National and Multifaceted Campaigns

On any given day (including on weekends for some clients), there are a multitude of PPC campaigns being managed by GA experts. Some of them very complex, others more basic — both in national and local markets.

Responsive Websites


Shoreline Lake

The Shoreline Lake website is a custom made, responsive, full stack development, with omnichannel booking and shopping features for a wide range of services. The development also included integration with an existing database management system with both new and existing POS features.

Adoption Connection

Adoption Connection

The Adoption Connection website is a custom made, responsive, full stack development, with features that allow AC clients to create and manage their own profiles on the site, as well as book various workshops and events.

Martin Screen Shop

Martin Screen Shop

The Martin Screen Shop website is a simpler, custom made, full stack development, with admin functionality for photos and videos on the back-end.


Pancho Villa Restaurants

Sometimes 15 seconds for each spot is all it takes to get a message across to a Millennial target (and move them online).


SCU Graduate Engineering

This video ran both in movie theaters in Silicon Valley and online as part of an integrated direct marketing campaign promoting the graduate school's left brain, right brain, approach to teaching engineering management.



Shoreline Lake

Shoreline Lake in Mountain View is an operation with many services, catering to many different target audiences that span the full landscape of consumer demographics, psychographics and sociographics (e.g., bistro, kids' camps, clinics, sailing lessons, racing, bicycling, windsurfing, kayaking, bird watching, equipment and boat rentals, facility rentals, special events, and retail).

And if that wasn't enough, they also cater to the corporate world (e.g., facility rentals, catering, corporate events, teambuilding).

What to do? As it turns out, during our research, we found that most people in the South Bay do not know that there is a lake in the heart of Silicon Valley, which made the shape of the lake itself an obvious mental hook. However, a lake in and of itself does not convey the many activities and possibilities that can be had around the lake, but the icons together with the lake does. The tagline "A True Respite in Silicon Valley" completes the picture.



POS & CRM Augmentation


When it Matters Most, and Post

Examples of POS & CRM augmentations performed by GA include things like showroom QR codes, online booking and shopping, newsletter programs and social media management for post-purchase activities.

Social Media