Integrated Advertising, PR, and Web Stuff

We don't like to silo our services, as silos are as dead as channels, but we don't want any ambiguity about what we can do either, so here it goes:

Strategy Development

No matter how beautiful the design, how funny the commercial, or how high the quality score, it's all for naught, unless based on a solid strategy. It was Dale Carnegie several lifetimes ago who said, "Personally I am very fond of strawberries and cream, but I have found that for some strange reason, fish prefer worms." At the Gonzberg Agency, all strategy developments focus on worms.

Paid Media (mostly advertising)

TV, print, collateral, outdoor, direct mail, movie theaters, display ads, PPC management, and more.

Owned Media (websites, social media, and more)

Full stack, custom made, responsive websites, videos, social media management, omnichannel shopping support, point-of-sales augmentation, online booking and ordering, showroom enhancements, QR codes and more. Customer Relationship Management augmentation, newsletter programs, and social media programs.

We also provide a full suite of branding services, including design services and style guides to ensure a predetermined, indelible impression is left in the target's mind across all channels and touchpoints.

Earned Media (PR, word of mouth, and third party mentions)

GA has a solid track record in earned media, both locally and nationally. To learn why earned media is not just about social media, check this out.

The Advertising Improvement Service

If you haven't had some fresh eyes on your marketing effort lately, you may want to check out the Advertising Improvement Service.