Devising strategies, making sure creative solutions are both compelling and unique (if it's been seen by humankind before, someone will find it on Google), managing talent and traffic, ensuring interdisciplinary projects finish on time, fighting off competition in live campaigns — it's not for the faint of heart (or the inexperienced)...

Evan Berglund

Evan Berglund brings award-winning experience in market communications and information technology to the table as senior partner at the Gonzberg Agency — having worked with local, national, and international clients both in Europe and the US.

In addition to his many years of experience in managing people and projects, it is Evan's ability to distill "informed simplicity" from complexity, and put it to work — regardless of subject matter, and wherever that complexity may exist — that makes Evan a unique and valuable asset in anything that has to do with mass communication.

A good example of this is Evan's definition of "best practices," which he coined after he realized that there was no succinct, and useful, definition for the content of an information management system he was working on a few years back.

Evan's definition is now taught at universities across the nation and used by mission critical operations around the world, including the FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, the U.S. Army, the CDC and UNESCO.

Evan is also often used as a resource for writers and journalists who need an expert quote for their pieces about marketing, and was last quoted in the TED Magazine article "A VIEW FROM THE TOP."

Maria Gonzalez

In the complex environment of integrated marketing, it is useful to have a multifaceted background, and few have a more accomplished one than Maria.

As a UC Berkeley graduate in molecular and cell biology, with considerable experience from companies like Genentech and Chiron, Maria brings a truly unique perspective to the executive suite.

Maria's extensive and varied career in biotech, includes scientific research, manufacturing processes, seven years as an Institutional Review Board member, and the building of business infrastructure, which, in turn, led her to business development and marketing.

Besides an uncanny ability to think in the abstract — and being a great asset in creative sessions — Maria also provides the solid understanding of analytics, and the attention to detail needed for success in an environment of exceedingly complex customer journeys.

At the Gonzberg Agency it is the management of online advertising and earned media programs that reap most of the benefits of Maria's atypical frame of reference and years of combined experience in science and business.

Maria is also relied upon as a resource for writers and journalists, and was last quoted in the Huffington Post, giving advice on how agencies can better collaborate with telecommuters.