Case Studies

Case Studies and Category Experience

“I really appreciate your patience and quality work. We've been really busy with the advertising WORKING!”
Leah Sheldon
Communication/Marketing Director
Adoption Connection

At the Gonzberg Agency it is our experience that clients who move from traditional channel thinking, to a fully integrated cross-platform approach, typically see significant results. Below are three GA clients that experienced this.

Adoption Connection — Creating a Front-Runner

Challenge: Help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the agency's outreach efforts.

Result: Birthmothers now select Adoption Connection at three times the rate normally found in the field of adoption.

SCU Graduate School of Engineering — Bringing in the Students

Challenge: Demonstrate that a Journey Specific Omnipresence strategy could increase the number of applications and enrollment at the school.

Result: Number of applicants increased for several semesters, with enrollment doubling for the semester following the campaign.

Shoreline Lake — From Piecemeal to Omnichannel Effectiveness

Challenge: Increase marketing effectiveness for a multifaceted business with a multitude of local services, as well as several disparate target audiences.

Result: New brand, new messaging, new media strategies, and new online tools, all keep adding up to significant increases in business year-over-year.

For details on these case studies and a discussion of how you can benefit from a fully integrated paid, owned, and earned media approach, please contact us for an appointment.